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Added some wildlife

Written by Charlie. Posted in Cool Games, Unity, Zombie Compound

Here’s a quick update, we have been working on the environment a bit more and finally got around to adding some wildlife to the game! Here’s screenshot of a buck that’s in the game, moving around and everything! Still a ton of work left ahead, but it’s been fun so far :) Screenshot (19)


Written by Charlie. Posted in Cool Games, Future Games, Game Ideas, Important Info, Unity, Zombie Compound

shootingYup, we’re shooting Fireballs of gas cans at our enemies now :) The picture doesn’t look like much, but we’ve got our main character (the guy in a white hoody) animating and walking around our game environment, our zombie enemy over in the top left corner there (not animated yet, some sort of weird bug going on :(   ), and our hero can shoot cans of gasoline at him! Don’t worry, that won’t be in the game. I didn’t feel like making an actual fireball so just used a substitute. Next step: Make it so the fireball actually does damage to the enemy after it hits!