AI Update for Zombie Compound

Written by Charlie. Posted in Tutorials, Zombie Compound

I’ve been having a little more success playing around with Rain{Indie}. As the video below shows, I created a “companion”, that will follow the player around the world when he’s out on missions. It’s a dog model using Mecanim animations, screenshot below of that. It’s pretty simple, just using a speed parameter to do the run animation when it moves. Everything else is set up with Rain and I think it works pretty well.


One problem that I ran into and couldn’t find a lot of information on the net that explains how to fix it is preventing the dog from getting too close. It was a really simple fix though, just set the “close Enough Distance” in the AI’s path manager to a higher distance than it’s default. That let me make the dog stop a bit farther away from me when I stop.

Pretty happy with this simple thing, next step is to make it do more stuff, such as attack enemies and such. I’ll post more updates as I figure out more stuff.