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shootingYup, we’re shooting Fireballs of gas cans at our enemies now :) The picture doesn’t look like much, but we’ve got our main character (the guy in a white hoody) animating and walking around our game environment, our zombie enemy over in the top left corner there (not animated yet, some sort of weird bug going on :(   ), and our hero can shoot cans of gasoline at him! Don’t worry, that won’t be in the game. I didn’t feel like making an actual fireball so just used a substitute. Next step: Make it so the fireball actually does damage to the enemy after it hits!  

Quick Update: Modelling the ‘burbs

Written by Charlie. Posted in Important Info, Unity, Zombie Compound

screenshotSuburbs We’ve been hard at work lately setting up the core gameplay, but our level designer has been setting up the gameworld and we thought we’d share some pictures! Here’s one of the suburbs, which will sit a little ways off from the city. We’re still modelling and texturing the actual “compound” that will work as the player’s base of operations. We’re getting excited! Hopefully we’ll have some more stuff to show you soon.